Thursday, January 17, 2008

Installing audio player that supports MP3 in Fedora Core 8 - Amarok

The MP3 player that i recommend in Fedora Core 8 is Amarok. The reason i recommend Amarok is because its support various types of audio format including MP3 and it is easy to be installed.

Before you start to install Amarok, you have to install livna repository first.
To install livna repository, go to and click on the "Fedora 8 repository RPM".
A download windows will pop up and choose the "Save to Disk" option.
Go to terminal and cd to the directory you saved the livna RPM file in just now.
use the following command to install livna.
# rpm -ivh [filename]
for my case, my command is
# rpm -ivh livna-release-8.rpm

Now, you may proceed to install amarok with the additional features enabled.
in the terminal, enter
# yum -y install amarok amarok-extras-nonfree
your amarok player will be ready to be used.

- before you run the installation, please use su command to gain root privileges
- livna repository has to be installed before installing amarok player so that you will be able to install amarok-extras-nonfree

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