Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Installing VMware in Fedora Core 8 (Problems Solved)

I am using Fedora FC8 on Dell Inspiron 1520.
This is my experience when i was installing VMware Player into my computer.

Firstly, download the latest .rpm installation file from and run it as usual. in case you don't know how to run it as usual, this is the way to do it in terminal :
  • cd into the directory containing the rpm file of vmplayer
  • type in rpm -ivh [the rpm file's filename]
After running the rpm file, for certain reason, the VMware didn't finish the installation.
You can't get the shortcut of VMware Player which is supposed to be in Application>System Tools.
That is probably because of the VMware is not configured yet(just my guess anyway).

If you browse through internet, there will be some post that says, you can fix it by running a script called vmware-any-any-update115. However, in my case, (VMware-player-2.0.2-59824.x86_64 and vmware-any-any-update115) this fix doesn't work. Although this fix do run the configuration for me, however, it replaced some file called vmmon (i don't really remember the name, but who cares?) with the older version of it and caused the VMware Player couldn't operate correctly. You will be able to open VMware Player, however, you won't be able to open any virtual machine, it will promt you that some file's version is mismatched.

So, this is the fix that works for me. Browse to /usr/binyou will find a file named
just run the file and follow the instruction and everything will be fine.
to run it:

  • [root@localhost VMWare]# cd /usr/bin
    [root@localhost bin]# ./

For my case, i just press enter all the way. And my VMware Player works like champ.
here's the printscreen when i am running a VMware Player.

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